Kenosha County, WI Arrests
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Brad Kentay Franklin

03/04/2024 9:01 pm

Kenosha County Sheriffs Department
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Brad Kentay Franklin was booked into the Kenosha County Jail on 3/4/2024 9:01 PM by the Kenosha County Sheriffs Department for the following charges:

Oper W/O Required Lamp Lighted
Unreasonable And Imprudent Speed
Automobile Following Too Closely
Owi (1St)

Note: We post all subjects who are taken into the jail. The majority of the time, this is due to a new arrest; however, sometimes subjects are transfered back to this facility from another facility, which would cause them to be re-posted. The charges listed above may be the result of the subject failing to appear for court, not necessarily a new charge. All subjects are presumed innocent until found guilty by the court of law.

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